Golden Raven EA is an MT4 Expert Advisor, which uses complex trading technology to be capable of providing consistent profitability to traders, along with having the ability to get them funded with the trading industry's leading proprietary firms! Start your journey with us today!

  • Automated Trading

    Our expert advisor provides you with hands-free trading. Golden Raven EA automates the entire process, letting you sit back and relax, whilst it trades on your behalf. Remove the emotions!

  • Consistent Profitability

    Consistent profitability in the financial markets is truthfully, just one click away. Stop losing your hard-earned capital in the markets now, and let Golden Raven EA take care of things for you. Use our expert advisor to start consistently generating profit in the financial markets!

  • Pass Funding Challenges

    Use Golden Raven EA to pass funding challenges with the industry's leading proprietary firms. Our expert advisor is capable of achieving the required profit targets, whilst obeying the drawdown parameters in place! Golden Raven EA is especially prop-firm friendly, due to its manual-like way of trading.

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